• Direct contact induction sealing head
  • Touch screen HMI for sealing parameter control
  • Integral 800W air cooled digital induction generator
  • Universal system – seals any size/type of container
  • Vacuum foil location for precision seal placement

The MIT-2 operates semi-automatically and allows for the direct application of a foil to a container without the need for a cap using our capless induction sealing process. With the correct sealing head, it is possible to seal round, non-round, 3D or irregular shaped containers made from plastics, glass, metal or ceramic.

The Relco MIT-2 is a great starting point for any packaging development using an induction sealing process. This system allows users to accurately test the direct application of a foil to a container or other component with full control over all of the sealing parameters (induction welding time, induction power level, cooling time and sealing head pressure) without the need for expensive highly automated equipment. Since the MIT-2 is powered by the same induction generator (Relco P-800) as is used in our high speed automatic machinery, trials and development can be done in full confidence that the results will be replicated on commercialisation.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase (5A)
Compressed Air 1-7 Bar / 15-100 p.s.i.
Components description
Pneumatics 1x40mm bore SMC 50mm Stroke Head Cylinder
SMC 10 Bar Max. Pressure Regulator
SMC 10 Bar Max. Pressure Gauge
Vacuum SMC (ZH10B) Venturi Vacuum Generator
Solenoids SMC 24v DC Solenoid Valves
PLC Mitsubishi Fx1n
Generators Relco P800 (800W) solid state induction generator
Sealing Heads As required for application with internal vacuum pick & place device
Safety Independent 2-hand cycle start with interlock Emergency Stop Button
Size & Weight description
Dimensions Footprint 350mm x 350mm, Control Box 350mm x 350mm x 115mm
Weight 30Kg