• Compact device to fit into any kind of filler/sealer
  • High quality seals die cut from reel fed material
  • Fast cycle times
  • Accurate foil location and sealing without a cap

The Relco Punch&Seal unit delivers capless induction sealing capabilities to OEM filling/assembly equipment. This is a compact and efficient induction sealer which works from reel fed foil stock. The seal is die-cut from the reel, placed on a container or component and induction welded in a single downward stroke.
A hermetic seal can be made directly onto any suitable container or other component (ie. vials, valves, closures) without the conventional requirement of a cap and screw thread. The Punch&Seal system can be built in a variety of configurations to suit almost any linear or rotary

indexing filling/assembly equipment and can be built in a way which is suitable for Aseptic and ESL filling systems allowing the hermetic sealing of containers whilst they are still within the aseptic/sterile environment.

Punch&Seal units are custom built to suit each application and are typically configured from single or twin head units up to 12 head systems. We offer flexible integration paths, from bare-bone configuration up to full implementation package both with and without control systems and operating software.

Requirements description
Mains Power 220-240v a/c Single Phase 5A
Compressed Air 5-7 Bar / 75-100 p.s.i.
Components description
Pneumatics SMC / Festo
Sealing Heads Ceramic Punch&Seal cartridges with built in sealing head
Control Mitsubishi, Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC or via remote connection Point I/O, Profitbus, Profinet
Foil Feed Lenze Servo motor with optional motorized un-wind and foil tension control
Reel Holders Quick change Aluminium & Polycarbonate reel carrier with fully adjustable internal friction clutch
Size & Weight description
Weight Typicaly 80Kg
Dimensions Custom made to suit customer machinery layout